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1. A maximum of 5 teams per division are allowed. If more than 5 teams wish to participate, the teams will be randomly split into divisions with equal numbers of teams (or as close as possible), not to exceed 5 teams per division.

2. Only NASCAR point races are used in all competition.


1. Each division will conduct a separate draft for its teams. This allows the full NASCAR field to be available for draft in each division.

2. The draft order in each division will be decided by random drawing.

3. There will be 4 rounds in each draft, with the draft order reversing after each round.

4. Each team drafts a driver in each round of the draft, giving the team a 'stable' of four drivers at the end of the draft.


1. Each teams FINAL score for the season will be the sum of the fantasy league driver points* of their three highest finishing drivers. In the event of ties, the result is settled by the driver points of the teams' lowest finishing driver. If there is still a tie, the teams share equally in the place standing.
*Fantasy league driver points are the NASCAR driver points minus the NASCAR bonus points awarded for the "chase for the championship."

2. Dropping or trading drivers/teams is not allowed except for (3) below.

3. If a driver leaves his/her team for the rest of the season (quit, fired, injured, etc.), players that have drafted that driver follow the procedure listed below BEFORE the next scheduled race.  In no case shall the player be allowed to increase their point standings from this procedure.
a.    If the driver moves to a new NASCAR team, the player MUST keep the driver.
b.    If the driver does not move to a new team, the player has the first option to pick up the driver that moves to the team vacated by the departing driver, as long as there is no conflict above.

c.  If the driver is injured and expected to miss several weeks, the player can replace the next closest driver in point standings.  However, once picked, the player must keep this driver for the rest of the season. (ie. The player cannot reverse their decision)

4.    If a player is still without a driver/team after (3) above, the player may follow the procedure below:
a.    The player may pick a new driver: 1.)  with a current point standing, at or below the dropped drivers point standing.  If none available, the player may pick the next closest point standing. And 2.)  from those that have not been selected by anyone else in the player's division

b.    If more than one player within a division attempts to acquire the same driver/team, a random drawing will be held to see which player will actually acquire that driver/team.


1. Weekly competition will be organized in a round-robin fashion such that each player plays one other player within the league each race. Each player will play all other players within the league an equal number of times during the season, or at least as close as possible.

2. Each player's score for the week will be the sum of the finishing orders for two of their four drivers; the two with the highest scores that week. The third highest score is used as the players tie breaker driver for that week. The score received by all drivers not qualifying for that weeks race is one more than the last place driver in that race.

3. Each player with fewer points than their opponent wins that weeks competition. If the players have an equal number of points, the result will be determined by the finishing order of their tiebreaker drivers.


1. The NASCAR Fantasy League will be administered by a ruling committee. The committee will comprise of no less than three people, and no more than five people.

2. All disputes will be settled by a majority decision of the ruling committee. The decisions of the committee are final.

3. The ruling committee has the authority to add, delete, or amend the rules to promote competition and fairness.

4. Competition statistics will be posted to keep the players informed of their driver's standings.


1. An entry fee of $40.00 per team must be paid 1 week prior to the first NASCAR race.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. The winning players in the weekly competition pay the league nothing for the given race. The losing players must pay the league $10. All players involved in ties must pay the league $5.

3. Weekly money is due and payable by 5:00 PM the day after the race.

4. Players more than four weeks behind in league payments will forfeit their team and all monies paid. NO EXCEPTIONS.


1. The ruling committee may spend a reasonable amount of league money to keep updated statistics. In no event shall this exceed 2% of total league income.

2. All remaining league money is to be paid back out to players as prize money. The rules committee will determine how many places in the overall competition will be paid, and if any other prizes are in order.


The Fantasy NASCAR League Committee reserves the right to amend or alter the fantasy league rules if necessary. The League Committee will review and rule on each appeal on a case-by-case basis.